Who are we

Pedlin is an Australian based brand that delivers cycling inspired designs without the high cost. The brand offers a wide variety of graphic prints that use vector drawn, typography and photography elements. Each design can be purchased online on a variety of products that range from framed fine art prints to T-shirts. The brand’s current collection focuses on road cycling, ranging from the Tour De France to the fixie scene that is on the rise.


How to Purchase Designs

All the designs are available for purchase from Society6. To purchase, click on the link in the bottom right corner of the page. This will take you to the Pedlin page on Society6. Select the design, scroll to bottom of the page and then select the media for your design. Add the item to the cart and follow the prompts.



Why Society6 and not a local company? The reason for choosing Society6 over the sea of other online stores offering the same thing is their policy on copyright. Society6’s stance allows the artist to maintain the copyright of their designs rather than forfeiting the copyright to be able to sell artwork.


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